Broadway Church of the Nazarene is...
Transforming everyday people into a community of hope in Christ.

Meet Jesus

In a Life-Changing Encounter
and a Weekly Worship Service.


Know Jesus

Through Daily Disciplines
and a weekly Small Group or Class

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Serve Like Jesus

Through Ministry in the Church
and Mission in the World.

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Current Series

Whether we are going to the office for work, to the store for shopping, or to the beach on vacation, as we head out the door, most of us glance at a mirror to see what we look like. We may like what we see, but usually the mirror reveals something that needs to change, a hair out of place, some smudged make up, or the remnants or breakfast stuck in a beard. According to the book of James, the Bible acts like a mirror for our moral and spiritual lives. God’s word shows us who we really and who we can become. This summer we will spend our Sunday worship times looking into the Book of James so that we can become the people God has created us to be.