Broadway Church of the Nazarene is...
Transforming everyday people into a community of hope in Christ.

Meet Jesus

In a life Changing Encounter
and a weekly worship service.


Know Jesus

Through Daily Disciplines
and a weekly Small Group or Class

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Serve Like Jesus

Through Ministry in the Church
and Mission in the World.

Current Series

School is back in session. Soon students will be receiving marks, measures of their academic growth. Research papers are graded, tests are scored and speeches are evaluated. Without those measures, parents, students and teacher have no way of knowing what, if anything they are learning. But the point of the marks is not for a student to compare themselves with others but to compare themselves with how they did last week, last month and last year. Marks help us see how we are growing. Join us on Sundays this fall as we learn about how we can measure our spiritual growth as well.

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