Broadway Church of the Nazarene is...
Transforming everyday people into a community of hope in Christ.

Meet Jesus

In a life Changing Encounter
and a weekly worship service.


Know Jesus

Through Daily Disciplines
and a weekly Small Group or Class

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Serve Like Jesus

Through Ministry in the Church
and Mission in the World.

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Current Series

Parents wait for adult children to return home and maybe even bring some grandkids. Kids wait for Santa to make his appearance. Hosts anticipate the moment the guests will arrive at the party. Part of the joy of December is trying to figure out who is coming for Christmas. At the first Christmas Israel had been waiting for centuries for the messiah to come. But when he arrived, many failed to recognize him. Some rejected him completely. There were hints in the Old Testament, but Jesus was simply more than they could imagine. For 2000 years the Church has waited for his return. Sundays this December we are visiting four Old Testament passages to see how Jesus fulfills and exceeds our expectations. Join us as we dig deep to know the one who is coming.